Sunday, May 17, 2015

Indian Masala Chai

So much can happen over a cup of chai. In Calcutta, the evening adda will be incomplete without chai. Discussions about politics and football at the corners of the lanes and by lanes in the city wouldn't even start without a cup of chai in the hand. And at my home, any morning will never be a 'good' morning unless we have sipped the bed tea. Honestly, I simply cannot start functioning until I have had my dose of 'kadak chai'. This ordinary humble beverage in India, is almost indispensable for many.

 photo Masala Chai 6_zpsznh514mf.jpg

If I can recollect correctly, I started drinking tea when I was in the 11th standard. Before that, my mother plainly did not allow me. My father loved tea and would order the finest tea through his friends working for the Tea Board of India. He used to tell me to wait a little longer and then I would be joining him for his morning tea. I so looked forward to that. My fixation on tea started since then, I suppose.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Maacher Chop

This Sunday I made Maacher Chop. We Bengalis and fish are inseparable. Like Bengalis and football are inseparable. But not me. If I am watching any sport, it's cricket. The IPL season is on and this Maacher Chop is just what we needed while we watched Chennai Super Kings vs. Rajasthan Royals.

Bengali Maacher Chop or Fish Croquette is a very common and classic evening snack for us. I remember my mother making this very version on many many evenings for dad and me. This recipe is from her. However, there are many who like to add raisins here. I guess the conventional recipe calls for it too. My mum has always skipped it and so do I.

 photo Macher Chop 2-s_zpsclkneytv.jpg

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yakhni Pulao

I had a lovely trip. In fact I had a lovely road trip to the Himalayas. The destination was Dhanachuli, a quintessential Kumaoni village, nestling quietly atop a mountain with some breathtaking scenic views all around. Read about more about my trip here.

The Himalayas left me refreshed and full of energy and vigour. But back home it's the summer heat that is getting me lazy again. Nonetheless, we are back to the monotony of our everyday routines. But when I talk about food, it's like pumping life back again. And cooking, de stresses me. Lately, I have been also making an effort to post more often here. Yes, that's also another factor I am seen in the kitchen, rightly pointed out by my husband.

 photo DSC_0808_zpsi97a19iz.jpg

As I returned from a fantastic holiday, I have been bogged down by numerous errands. The week passes in the blink of an eye now. Sundays are the happy days. The days I feel I want to cook good food, look good, go out, meet friends. But all of that don't happen together. Unfortunately. So this Sunday, it was just cooking good food.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Warli Style Mutton Curry

Mutton dishes are always favoured at home. The strict non vegetarians that we are, we cannot let go of a delectable mutton recipe without trying it even once. Though I chiefly restrict to my Bengali Mutton Curry on Sundays, this time around, I tried this. And, a recipe by Aditya Bal can never go wrong or disappoint you. His style of cooking, if you have followed his shows, will tell you why he is different. To me, the special bit about his cooking is grounding whole spices everytime to cook a dish. This invariably ensures a fresh and appetizing aroma that ready made spices will fail at.

 photo mutton curry 2-w_zps1r6tlgnm.jpg

My aunt-in-law has the reputation of making the best mutton curry in the family. And I agree with everyone. When I met her this time, she told me how effortless and simple to prepare, yet heavenly Warli Style Mutton Curry is. Subsequently when I gorged on it during one of the lunches at her home, I couldn't agree more.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Honey Lime Sriracha Chicken

When I am not blogging, I am also not cooking. I am wandering in my thoughts though. About food. Good food. My last post on a recipe was around 3 and a half months ago. And, as I write now, I am shame-faced for not doing what I should have been diligently doing. Blogging. Friends and family members are almost tired from pushing me to post just one recipe. Yes! that's how hopelessly they tell me. But I tell them, just because I am not writing, doesn't imply that I am not pondering. About food, that is.

So, you must be thinking what has kept me so busy. What have I been upto that I couldn't write just one post in these months. Well, honestly, I've been upto nothing. But I surely hope to change that soon. How, don't ask.

However, when at all I did make something, it has been something as easy as Grilled Chicken. Now, that hardly takes any time and effort. Yet, you are showered with compliments. I love that.

 photo chickensteak4_zps049afdeb.jpg

Talking about Grilled Chicken recipes, when it comes to grill marinades, there can be so many you can't even begin to think. I am a lazy girl, and I am always exploring quick easy ways to cook meals. You see, therefore, grilled chicken just fits the bill. All you have to do is prepare a marinade, pour it all over the chicken breast pieces, seal and store away for a couple of hours. Later, all you do is just grill it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Karen Anand's Farmers' Market

As a member of the Kolkata Food Bloggers, I visited the Farmers' Market, at Taj Bengal, an initiative by Karen Anand. Exhibitors from across the country participated with various food items and lifestyle products. It was some experience.

Sharing some snapshots from the exceptional event.

 photo FarmersMarket_14-w_zps58b85a15.jpg

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chocolate Fudge

All women love chocolates. And, all men believe that. Otherwise, why on earth would a guy almost always bring chocolates (along with flowers) to impress his date? Or, why would a husband believe that an angry wife could be pacified with a box of Ferrero Roccher or Toblerone. Well, let us let them keep believing that. Guys, for a change, why don't you make something as easy as this Chocolate Fudge to impress her.

 photo chocolatefudge6_zpsfcf73210.jpg

I do have a sweet tooth. Yes. And, those 3 a.m cravings for something sweet. I tell you, they are dangerous. I have stayed up many nights staring into my fridge hoping to dig into some sweets. I have also gone to the extent of having spoonsful of condensed milk at times. It was an emergency you see. I am quite capable of such things during such dire situations.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nan Khatai

 photo NanKhatai1_zps2f961fbc.jpg

No, I didn't fall off from the face of the earth. But then, I have no tangible explanation for being quiet on blogosphere. Thanks to my blogger friends in Calcutta that I am back to doing what I once loved so much. Write. There is a long queue of posts awaiting to be published here. Once again, gradually, I shall bring them to you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jeera Aloo

You know, once a reader mailed me saying, "Don't give us simple recipes. We know all that. Give us something we don't know". Ah well, Jeera Aloo is another of those recipes which you are most likely to know. But then again, I share recipes that I cook. Even if the recipe is a breeze, I still feel the need to share it. It's cooked by me, after all.

 photo JeeraAloo1_zps2e6502a3.jpg

You should make Jeera Aloo when you don't want to make anything else. It will never dash your hopes. I promise. All you have to do is cut the potatoes into cubes and cook them in cumin seeds and some other simple spices. This dry sabzi when paired with any dal or a gravy dish is adequate to complement any meal. That's what I do to escape elaborate cooking on lazy days.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ma's Murgir Jhol ~ Chicken Curry Bengali Style

An important part of my childhood memories is my mom's style of cooking the Bengali Chicken Curry. No matter how many years pass by, the taste and aroma continues to linger. As a child, Murgir Jhol made by mom would excite me. And even today, when I follow her recipe in my kitchen, I still feel that same excitement. As I cook this curry, it's like I am living my childhood again. That's the magic of mothers' cooking.

 photo MurgirJhol1_zpsaf7006d8.jpg

As a child, I hardly took a liking for any dish other than the chicken curry. Even the legendary hilsa would rank after that. Beside the other non vegetarian items that mom would make for dad and herself, she would cook this chicken curry for me all seven days a week (imagine!). No wonder this dish is so close to my heart and is so distinctly etched in my childhood memories. I believed one thing - no one cooks Murgir Jhol better than my mother. And I still believe that. All daughters (yes yes, and all sons too) would believe that.