Saturday, November 15, 2014

Punjabi Affair

Masterchef Gurmeet Singh
If the rich and varied cuisine from Punjab has your mouth watering, you surely would like you block your dates for lunch or dinner from the 14th of November to the 23rd. SwissĂ´tel Kolkata, has brought us a wide spread of the delectable cuisine during their Punjabi Food Festival, at Durbari - their contemporary Indian restaurant.

Punjabi dishes are known all over the world for its richness and wide range of dishes. This cuisine offers many vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes to its lovers. Who can ever resist the temptation of Sarson da Saag?

This divine food journey has been brought by Masterchef Gurmeet Singh - a veteran in Punjabi Cuisine. Dishes served during this festival are straight from the kitchens and dhabas of Amritsar. The chef has ensured that every item you order is completely authentic. Even the crunchy papads you are served are brought from Punjab, by the chef himself !

Most Punjabi dishes tend to use onion, ginger and garlic extensively in their preparations. This gives an enhanced aroma and flavour for sure. A typical cooking trait in Punjab. Also, people from different regions in Punjab have different food preferences. Like, the stuffed paranthas and milk products are mostly preferred by people from Amritsar.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chocolate Fudge

All women love chocolates. And, all men believe that. Otherwise, why on earth would a guy almost always bring chocolates (along with flowers) to impress his date? Or, why would a husband believe that an angry wife could be pacified with a box of Ferrero Roccher or Toblerone. Well, let us let them keep believing that. Guys, for a change, why don't you make something as easy as this Chocolate Fudge to impress her.

 photo chocolatefudge6_zpsfcf73210.jpg

I do have a sweet tooth. Yes. And, those 3 a.m cravings for something sweet. I tell you, they are dangerous. I have stayed up many nights staring into my fridge hoping to dig into some sweets. I have also gone to the extent of having spoonsful of condensed milk at times. It was an emergency you see. I am quite capable of such things during such dire situations.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nan Khatai

 photo NanKhatai1_zps2f961fbc.jpg

No, I didn't fall off from the face of the earth. But then, I have no tangible explanation for being quiet on blogosphere. Thanks to my blogger friends in Calcutta that I am back to doing what I once loved so much. Write. There is a long queue of posts awaiting to be published here. Once again, gradually, I shall bring them to you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jeera Aloo

You know, once a reader mailed me saying, "Don't give us simple recipes. We know all that. Give us something we don't know". Ah well, Jeera Aloo is another of those recipes which you are most likely to know. But then again, I share recipes that I cook. Even if the recipe is a breeze, I still feel the need to share it. It's cooked by me, after all.

 photo JeeraAloo1_zps2e6502a3.jpg

You should make Jeera Aloo when you don't want to make anything else. It will never dash your hopes. I promise. All you have to do is cut the potatoes into cubes and cook them in cumin seeds and some other simple spices. This dry sabzi when paired with any dal or a gravy dish is adequate to complement any meal. That's what I do to escape elaborate cooking on lazy days.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ma's Murgir Jhol ~ Chicken Curry Bengali Style

An important part of my childhood memories is my mom's style of cooking the Bengali Chicken Curry. No matter how many years pass by, the taste and aroma continues to linger. As a child, Murgir Jhol made by mom would excite me. And even today, when I follow her recipe in my kitchen, I still feel that same excitement. As I cook this curry, it's like I am living my childhood again. That's the magic of mothers' cooking.

 photo MurgirJhol1_zpsaf7006d8.jpg

As a child, I hardly took a liking for any dish other than the chicken curry. Even the legendary hilsa would rank after that. Beside the other non vegetarian items that mom would make for dad and herself, she would cook this chicken curry for me all seven days a week (imagine!). No wonder this dish is so close to my heart and is so distinctly etched in my childhood memories. I believed one thing - no one cooks Murgir Jhol better than my mother. And I still believe that. All daughters (yes yes, and all sons too) would believe that.